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Incense Charcoal Tablets

Incense Charcoal Tablets

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Three Kings’ charcoal have been produced in the Netherlands since 1936. Using only the best ingredients combined with the 80 years of experience in production techniques, these tabs light quickly, are odorless and have a smooth, long and even burn. These premium charcoal’s can be used to burn incense, resins or herbs. 

Product Directions
Use tongs to handle charcoal tablets. To ignite, hold a small-flamed lighter to charcoal tablet. Hold a flame to the charcoal until sparks have trans versed the tab. To burn incense, transfer the charcoal disc with the tongs into the incense burner. Place the incense on top of the charcoal and enjoy!

Product Description
- 1 pack of 10 charcoal incense burner tabs (33 mm each tablet)
- Measurements: 12.5 cm Length x 3 cm Width x 3 cm Height
- Weight: 60 grams

Safety Precautions
Heating in large quantities; may catch fire. Do not handle product when hot/ignited. Keep out of reach of children. Wait for charcoal to completely cool down before discarding to avoid fire. Store unused tablets in a cool dry place.

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