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Anointing oils have been used for centuries in spiritual and religious ceremonies to sanctify and anoint an individual. Throughout history, anointing oils were highly regarded and so treasured that they were to be used exclusively for persons holding high social status such as royals and members in leadership. Anointing oils were so deeply valued that it was historically forbidden for them to be used on the body of commoners or for the oils to be duplicated. While these restrictions are no longer present in today's society, anointing oils continue to be used within religious groups and traditions for the belief that by combining the medicines of The Mother with intention and prayer we are able to exert our spiritual authority and manifest blessings.

Our anointing oils are created using a specialized blend of pure essential oils to aid in supporting spiritual, emotional and physical needs. You may apply the anointing oils during prayer and mediation ceremonies or as an everyday aromatherapy remedy. Additionally, anointing oils can be used in cleansing baths and applied to the doors and windows of the home for spiritual protection. 

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