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Anointing Oils

Anointing oils have been used for centuries in spiritual and religious ceremonies to sanctify... 

  • Enhancing Mental Health Treatment with the Science of Aromatherapy

    Those suffering with mental health especially in the realm of stress-related disorders can take comfort in knowing that clinical trials are proving there is an opportunity to enhance mental health treatment through the accredited science of aromatherapy. 

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  • Finding The Kingdom Within

    Creating a sacred space for yourself is the foundation of inner peace. The moments you spend alone within your own energy field can be an extraordinary opportunity of connection with the inner most authentic Self and with the Divine Source of which that Self was created.

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  • The Power of The Pineal Gland: Why You Shouldn’t Force Third Eye Activation

    We discuss the responsibility of clearing the etheric body and allowing the third eye to activate naturally. Plus, we take a look at how we can stay grounded during ascension to ensure our spiritual journey is as seamless as possible.

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  • The Law of Forgiveness

    The Law of Forgiveness releases you from the binding energy of the past. Forgiveness is one of the most challenging laws in spirituality. It is vital to ascension that you come to a place of true and full forgiveness with yourself and with others. 

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