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incense resin burner

incense resin burner

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Burning incense has been popularized for thousands of years and is commonly referenced throughout ancient spirituality and religions. Burning incense is believed to help cleanse energy in the home and cleanse energetic auras, ward off negative energy, elevate mood, and promote relaxation and confidence. 

Product Details:
- Made of high-quality metal iron.
- Can be used to burn charcoal resin incense and cone incense. 
- Measurements: H: 3.9in/10cm W: 2.7in/7cm

Burn on a durable and heat-resistant incense burner. Burn on a heat-resistant surface in a well-ventilated area. Handle product with heat-resistant tongs. Never leave burning resin unattended. Remove lid to tend to your incense. Resin burners become very hot when in use especially with charcoal resin incense. Do not touch the resin burner when it is in use. Keep away from children and pets. Prior to use, consult a professional for respiratory conditions, pregnant or nursing. 

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